Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. When we sell a quilt frame to a person we need information for billing and shipping. We consider this private and have taken steps to keep it confidential. We want you to know about our privacy policy.

You give us what we need in order to make a purchase. To make sure what we have is correct we may need to check with you by phone or email. You may be asked to give us more details (i.e. Street address vs P.O. Box) over the phone. Once you’ve purchased with us, your credit card information is deleted.

We keep what we collect about you in our files. Our policies and procedures protect your personal information. We do not give or sell our customers’ personal information to others for marketing purposes. You don’t have to ask us to keep your information private because we do not give it.

If you have any questions about what we have in your file please email us. When we receive your written request, we will respond within 30-days. We’ll be happy to review our procedures with you.

Please contact:

We thank you for letting us serve you. This notice is effective October 2007 and is given by Sunshine Enterprises. This notice applies to current and former customers and may be amended at any time.